Why should I have a club or team website?

Why should I have a club website or team website?

You are a member or owner of a club. You share your passion with others. You meet and arrange certain things many times during the year. You also organize joint trips several times a year.

One day you go on a trip. Everything is arranged and ready to go. You are having a great time. You talk, dance, and grill together. Everyone takes pictures to save the moment. Time to go back… A month, two, a year passes… How much can you remember from that trip? You would like to see the photos, but unfortunately you don’t have them anymore. You ask other club members, but they only send you a few that they look good on. All that is left are memories that fade over time.

Thanks to websites of this type, you are able to save these memories. Describe the trip, easily create a photo gallery. Additionally, you can run a news system on the website. Enter the dates of subsequent meetings, arrangements of previous meetings. Add reminder information for club members. Share information with other visitors of your website.